Historic Sites to Visit in Victoria, Australia


Australia is relatively young when compared to many other civilizations. At this time the European influence is very young. The indigenous culture is just one of the earliest on earth although nowhere as advanced or graphic as the Inca, Greeks or Romans. Victoria is by no means the oldest place in Australia using New South Wales and Tasmania being fully a decade or two mature. Historic websites that endure a European sway are so just a few hundred years .

These historic sites could be broken into several categories. Spank Me Whitsundays There really are the historical websites related to settlement; sites related to the goldrush days; internet sites related to bushrangers and famous felons; and blogs associated with politics and war. You can find newer websites that some believe”historic”, however their’historic’ label pertains to their own position in society and the truth that they have been contested by severe bushfires on the last ten years. The non European influenced historical websites relate to those that respected by native communities. Native communities in Australia are quite reserved, so their historic sites are respected and respected from within their own communities rather than generally open to tourist or the tourism industry.

No discussion of Victoria’s historical sites is complete without mentioning several of the very visited films. Great Ocean Road, Ballarat and Bendigo, Glenrowan and also The Grampians are all popular and have experienced a significant impact on the background of this Victoria.

The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road runs along the south west coast of Victoria and is also the scene of dozens of shipwrecks during early days of settlement. The area is also famed for 1 2 monoliths that standout of this sea – famous as the 12 Apostles. Regrettably they’re slowly crumbling back in the ocean and will soon be only stubs sticking out of the ocean. The region is also famous for older style lighthouses, sea food, sea food, dairy products and wine.

Even the townships (now cities) of Ballarat and Bendigo are home to Australia’s biggest goldrush days where tens and tens of thousands would be miners accumulated hoping to make it more affluent. It’s the scene of Australia’s only major’civil war’ at which miners retaliated against the military in a significant dispute over golden permits. The 1854 Eureka Stockade battle shifted and explained Australia and gave rise to the Southern Cross, a logo that still looks on the Australian flag. There are numerous smaller towns round both of these key centers that occupy and use buildings from this age.

Glenrowan is home to one of Australia’s most notorious bushrangers – one Ned Kelly, famous because of his helmet and armor he wore robbing banks. His alloy armor and helmet were unworthy as it found a siege but and like nearly all bushrangers of his time, he stopped his days and the end of a rope. Still, he’s gone in Australian folklore.

The Grampians region was home to Australia’s indigenous peoples for over 10,000 years. It is possible to see evidence of their existence from the stone art, a few that can be dated at thousands of years of age. Australia’s native peoples were by nature therefore they traveled in one end of Victoria into the other. There are a number of websites during Victoria offering evidence to this life style.

There are many other historic sites within Victoria, Australia. By the mighty Murray River that divides News South Wales and Victoriato your fruit and wine growing area and on to Australia’s sole heated water mineral springs in Daylsford, there’s something there for everybody else. There’s surf, sun, seafood, fine dining room and designer outlet shops with clothing to accommodate most ages. For those who haven’t ever seen Australia, then add it into a set of 100 things you can accomplish before you die. While there, have a look at what Victoria offers.

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