Taxi Drivers, Beware of Chief Inspectors Asking For Refunds


The titles are changed to protect the shameless guilty conniving therefore and so that tried to rip off me last week. Nevertheless, it is really a fantastic story so I have resolved to talk about.

For many among you that do not understand me I own and operate a cab company in a little town named Rye on the East Sussex Kent boundary.

On maxi cab last week I received a call out of me father who had been occupying the cab phone saying he’d received a call from the Chief Inspector”Wexford” stating he wished to speak to the owner of the organization and might not be able to speak to anyone else regarding the problem, my father had shot his phone number and asked me to call him back as a matter of urgency.

I was quiet taken back with this and thought it sounded a bit serious, but I’m an honest chap and didn’t thinks it’d be such a thing to worry about.

I took down the number and proceeded to phone the Chief Inspector.

“Chief Ispector “Wexford”?” I inquired…

“Yes Discussing.” Was the answer.

“Hello.” I said. ” Nicholas Robus here from Taxi – Time Ltd, Rye, East Sussex. In my opinion you had been hoping to get me as a matter of urgency,” How do I help you.”

Slightly more sudden then before came the answer.

“On Saturday night I took a taxi ride with one of your guys from Icklesham into Fairlight Lodge Hotel, it took over half an hourthe driver went around the houses and also charged me #27.50 then shortchanged me by #2.00. I would prefer a refund for that entire quantity.

Now considering who I work for…. When I don’t receive a cheque from you to your entire #27.50 I will be having a word with my coworkers on your region and which makes it very difficult for you to carry on operating for a Taxi Company.

Can I make myself clear”

Now I am not readily shaken, but the tone and optimism of this guy made me believe he was deadly serious. And under ordinary circumstances I’d have been bothered by a call similar to that and instantly looking for out which driver had done the work so I could offer them a rollicking.

But, in this instance I could not accomplish this as I’d done the job myself.

I recalled the person in question, and also remembered that I had actually undercharged him with a couple of quid because I forgot to start off the meter and only remembered a two or three down the road. So that for short changing him this was a lie. The tight older bugger ensured he got his #2.50 change. I really don’t want to stereotype however there are clues if you read between your previous couple of lines.

But I was at the place to create counterclaims as I’d provided the service .

I informed the”Chief” that I had been his motorist and justified the fare into him and also informed him that his promise of being shortchanged was not true. Additionally, I agreed to send him his own refund as a gesture of goodwill along with a photograph copy of our fare card along with a few google maps with the road, grading and mileage calculations so he can see for himself which he had not been ripped of because he promised.

I also stated when after looking at the evidence he had been not happy he was liberated to cash the cheque for the refund.

To which he replied. “Oh I’m cashing the cheque, and if I’m not pleased in what I see I will still be using a word with my coworkers about you personally.”

I took his home address and thanked him for his period, reasuring him that everything will be in the article in the next couple of days.

After hanging up I replayed the conversation in my own mind and a few things didn’t quit pile upward, such as the fact he could not add up, he was just requesting a refund to its fare and perhaps not the 2 he claimed to have been short changed. I was a little felt and felt just like with a bit of a dig , therefore that I telephoned him back and asked if I could check his credentials.

“Why would you desire to do that” he exclaimed.

I told him that as a cab driver I carry a badge and my individuality can be obviously seen by my clients and also that we frequently have leaflets pushed through the doorway by our regional force telling me to assess peoples individuality before allowing them in our home or handing over anything.

I was just doing my homework because he could have been just hoping to find out some money out of me.

“I work with Scotland Yard, SO13, I cant give you information such as this due to the nature of the job we do, but trust me I am genuine, ” I am a very high ranking officer, so you’ll walk into almost any police station in the country and discover I am who I say I am. If you really want to go down this street my colleagues are Just a phone call away, recall who I Benefit”

I thanked him again for his time and reassured him that the cheque could be in the article.

I then believed. Walk in any Police station inside the country. Perhaps not really a bad idea that.

So in my way home I listened to Rye police station and asked for their advice.

Once I’d hailed the phone conversations the officers at the station came with a sense of stunned confusion on their faces.

“We not sure quite how to deal with this.” “I believe we take a statement”

It turned out that if this person had not been that he said was he was in trouble. The authorities take an extremely dim view of people impersonating police , specially if it’s for individual gain.

But if he was he said was he was in serious problem for using his power and able to sort out exactly what was your own dispute.

I left an announcement left it in the hands of law enforcement to deal with and has been given the advice on no account was I to have any more dealings with him personally and never to ship any such thing at the article.

Twenty four hours later I had been advised by Rye authorities which he had not been who he claimed to be and was summoned for bringing this to his attention, it had been dealt with and he could count on a knock on the door in an associate of this authorities in his field very soon.

I don’t understand about you, but I would really like to become a fly on the wall if that happens.

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