Nebraska-1971 1971 – A Nebraska Football Fan (look at the game Real the Century)


I will describe the Nebraska-Oklahoma football game in 1971, as we saw through 20-year-old Nebraska football fans. I was born in Nebraska and spent 10 primary years there. At the time, my father, who was a huge fan of Nebraska, was reincarnated back as long as today to love football in Nebraska. In the late 1950s we moved to Illinois, and there was no type of media coverage available to Nebraska football. By 1963, Bob Devani had brought the Kurshers team to a national position. By 1965, Sports Illustrated’s cover had placed Nebraska on its cover, predicting its end. A big red fever took a base of patriotic admirers.

This trend continued, with the introduction of a few lean years to become a tool to develop what was supposed to be the 1971 game of the century.

The Oklahoma Sonners were good, really good. Their crime was almost unstoppable, and they had a decent defense. The defense of Nebraska was excellent while their offense was very good with Jerry Tagge, Heisman winner Johnny Rodgers in the future, and the future round in the first round of Kenny Gog. It was Sorenz Jack Mildrin directed the Oklahoma offense that carried out a bone attack. It was a triangular option that did not depend too much on the pass. Needless to say, Mildren rushed more than 1000 yards at this stage, with Gregg Bruet averaging 9.5 yards per load. Teams were ranked in first and second place for the entire season, and there was something to give บ้านผลบอล.

I remember listening to Howard Kossel in a radio program for 5 minutes every morning, and I do nothing but talk about the Oklahoma Nebraska game. Life magazine coverage was marked by the game, as well as Sports Illustrated. In 1971 there was usually only one game and others you had to read about or try to pick up some highlights in the college football show on Sunday morning. I watched Nebraska playing in Colorado earlier that year, where she won 35-7 and went on to two more games in Mysore and the Iowa Valley, where they won easily – they were now in the Grand Theater – he could only dream about 10 years ago.

This football game ended up living all the hype. The children who were not many passers-by throughout the year killed Nebraska with his arm. The return of Johnny Rodgers in the first-quarter kick-off may have been the decisive factor that can not be changed, as both teams competed equally in the final minutes.

After the match ended and Nebraska beat 35-31, I felt a sense of pride and satisfaction. I had just seen two fantastic teams going for 60 minutes, and my team came on top. The 1976 team in Nebraska is regularly ranked as the best college football team in history, and I’m always surprised that Oklahoma was not usually in second place. After the 1971 season, Nebraska finished with a unanimous rating of 1, followed by Oklahoma in second place, and Colorado, with only losses to Nebraska and Oklahoma in third place in the polls.

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