Deadly Flakka Drug – Insanity On A ‘Superhuman’ Scale


Florida is one of the most hard hit states in the US for deaths and psychotic episodes from a synthetic drug called Flakka.

Scores of users have died from using the ‘Devil’s drug’. Emergency rooms across the US have seen a sharp rise in cases related to the use of Flakka, whether it be users self harming or victims of attacks by flakka users. Simply put, Flakka use has really taken off in America and is causing mayhem on the streets smoke shops near me.

So What Is It?

Developed in the 1960’s as a ‘designer drug’, Flakka, (also called ‘Gravel’ or ‘$5 insanity’) is a synthetic mix between cocaine and meth, with the effects often seen with bath salts abusers. The drug can be snorted, swallowed, smoked, vaped or injected.

Since September 2015, Florida has reported three or four people hospitalized every day from using flakka, an area particularly hard-hit by the epidemic. The effects of taking Flakka have led to some very disturbing images and videos posted across the internet. Many of them claim that demonic entities have taken control of the subjects. Wherever these types of headlines are published, the use of Flakka should be considered.

What Does It Do?

As with all synthetic based drugs, the effects differ from person to person. The most reported and common are:

Euphoric / out-of-body experience
‘Superhuman’ strength
Psychotic outbursts
Intense aggression
Current Situation

NBC news reported that flakka may have disappeared all together. The cost of flakka is well below that of heroin and has been linked to scores of ‘naked attacks’, resulting in the DEA wanting a complete ban of flakka. A clear contradiction.

Just recently, an ‘assumed’ suicide made headlines across the world. Two lions were shot in Chile when a naked man-made his way into their enclosure and was being mauled by the cats. Could flakka be responsible for such an act of stupidity?. No links have been mentioned, although the symptoms suggest otherwise.

With a street price of just $5, Flakka is a highly accessible drug, which could be very appealing to existing heroin addicts. Authorities must keep this mind with a keen eye on rehabilitation centres across America. Only time will tell.

It is obvious that flakka has the potential to be a huge problem and coupled with the effects mentioned above – is a nightmare for society.

Anyone that comes in to contact with an individual suspected to be under the influence of Flakka should not attempt to rationalise with them, but call the Police. Florida local authorities have warned residents that due to the nature of the drug and its profound effects, you may be in “immediate danger” when in close proximity to anyone under the influence of the drug.

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